Hello! I’m Ashley Kay and I like to use my experiences to help others further theirs.

On a more personal level, I’m just a small town girl from Florida now living in Tennessee while attending Physician Assistant school in Knoxville.

Most days in PA school you can find me at a coffee shop with my head down in a medical textbook, but this is the place I hope both you and I find refuge from the hustle and bustle life throws our way. I hope you are inspired and encouraged as you read these words and explore this quite vulnerable outlet I have created. I truly believe you matter and the importance of the relationships we cultivate in this life.

Obsessed with: comfy clothes I can lounge around in, guacamole, and the salty skin feeling after spending the entire day in the ocean. Oh, and I can’t forget dance parties with the girls after exam weeks (totally recommend)!

X O  

-Ashley Munns