The Daily Grind

As I add to the collection of blog posts I hope to provide a more comprehensive answer to what the ‘daily grind’ is actually like.

But for now, let’s talk about the daily life this Physician Assistant student has lived Quarters 1 through 3 (as I write this, I’m sitting by the pool on my break between my 3rd and 4th quarter- so dreamy, right? School breaks become a 7-day paradise regardless of the activity)

Although each week is quite different, were creatures of habit and routine. So, mine typically goes a bit like this…

Alarm wakes me around 5-6 am; between the time of waking up and looking presentable for class- I grab a coffee & ideally try to make quiet time to read a daily devotional before leaving the house

Class from 8am-4pm- Class is an all-day task of making sure you’re paying enough attention to recall while you’re studying it later that night- or, more truthfully two or three days from then when you realize how far behind you’ve become. The class material you learn and the material you study at home afterwards is a tricky balance you eventually learn how to master before school takes off. Meaning, you’re taught everything you need to know in class, but because it’s so much information- studying the topics you were just taught in a 2-hour lecture may take 4-6 to fully comprehend.

After class, I typically grab a snack to eat & decompress from the day then decide where I want to study that evening…

Studying each night involves a different amount of energy and focus. But they are all relatively the same in that I will study until I’m no longer efficient or productive with my time & would benefit more from sleep.

Sleeping patterns also range depending on the number of exams the week contains- but my goal each night is to get at least 7 hours of sleep in to be the most productive the next day.


One of the tricks I’ve learned in PA school is to understand how YOU learn most efficiently and when you’re no longer productive- move on. Use this time to eat, go to sleep, or do something to relax your mind- whether that’s working out, reading/writing, or meditating. Time is limited and using it to make you a better student and future provider is imperative!

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