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Student Loans & Physician Assistant School with David Duquette

Congratulations! You’ve finally been accepted to Physician Assistant School!  Now the bead of sweat starts and the pit in your stomach forms as you wonder, how will I afford this?! Today, David Duquette, shares about the financial impact of your student loans and what they mean for you during — and after —PA School.

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New PA On the Block: Part 1

Whether it’s finding the PA position that you’ve dreamt up for years now, prepping for your first interviews as a PA, or not knowing what to do now that school is done having all of these ‘adulting’ tasks are ahead of you — I’ve addressed it inside!

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PEARLS from your Preceptor

Clinical year… the light at the end of the tunnel for every didactic student. So many mixed emotions when it's time to put on that white coat, head out the door, & make your way to that first rotation. Do you know enough? Will you be pimped? Will your preceptor like you? You've heard from previous students how to prepare for each rotation, but do you know exactly what your preceptor is looking for?

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