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It’s no secret that as Medical or Physician Assistant students were all over our heads in student loan debt & if we haven’t already stressed enough about our day-to-day living, the holidays can really become an added stressor. Here are a few ways to maintain your budget this holiday season while gift giving & without missing out on the holiday fun…

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How to prevent burnout

I have been receiving this very frequent question since I was studying in didactic. Quite honestly, I felt like I couldn’t even answer honestly until this year because of the simple truth: Didactic year is exhausting. And that’s okay to admit. The purpose of this blog isn’t to make everything look easy or simple and you know I will keep it 100% real with you…

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How to prepare for PA School: For Those Still in Undergrad

Making sure you’re a competitive applicant prior to applying to PA school is very important. Application season is not cheap & making yourself a well-rounded applicant is vital! The following post contains all aspects of the most FAQ I get about how to prepare to PA school as an undergraduate student

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