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Student Loans & Physician Assistant School with David Duquette

Congratulations! You’ve finally been accepted to Physician Assistant School!  Now the bead of sweat starts and the pit in your stomach forms as you wonder, how will I afford this?! Today, David Duquette, shares about the financial impact of your student loans and what they mean for you during — and after —PA School.

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How to prepare for PA School: For Those Still in Undergrad

Making sure you’re a competitive applicant prior to applying to PA school is very important. Application season is not cheap & making yourself a well-rounded applicant is vital! The following post contains all aspects of the most FAQ I get about how to prepare to PA school as an undergraduate student

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Personal Statement Tips

This part of the application feels like so much pressure. In fact, I’m so glad you guys have reached out about this subject. You only have 5,000 characters to work with to explain “Why do you want to be a PA?” and each is vital to make sure it’s worth being included.

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