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New PA On the Block: Part 1

Whether it’s finding the PA position that you’ve dreamt up for years now, prepping for your first interviews as a PA, or not knowing what to do now that school is done having all of these ‘adulting’ tasks are ahead of you — I’ve addressed it inside!

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How I Managed Anxiety in PA School

Anxiety can be a frightening downward spiral if you don’t address it & the unnecessary burden it places on your every day. Anxiety for me was always rooted by the stressor of wanting to do well & accompanied by the fear of failure. For many years it was easy to float by & then PA school approached- I would work myself to extreme limits that were not healthy; I dropped weight, forgot to eat, wasn’t resting at night, and had major anxiety about my performance throughout my didactic year

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It’s no secret that as Medical or Physician Assistant students were all over our heads in student loan debt & if we haven’t already stressed enough about our day-to-day living, the holidays can really become an added stressor. Here are a few ways to maintain your budget this holiday season while gift giving & without missing out on the holiday fun…

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