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It's no secret that Pance Prep Pearls is the Holy Grail when in PA school. Last year Pance Prep Pearls came out with a new version of PPP which now includes Pediatrics, an index (BLESS IT), and among other additions - a new front cover that is quite aesthetically pleasing (if you ask me). 

Not quite sure what the hype is about Pance Prep Pearls?
At first I didn't either. As a brand new PA student I didn't understand why everyone was snapping that their book just arrived or why upperclassmen were carrying it everywhere. Here's a synopsis from the site itself to help better understand the material inside: "Written by a professor of physician assistant programs at two established universities, PANCE PREP PEARLS is a study guide formulated for physician assistant students & practitioners to increase knowledge & retention of important clinical information.
While the primary purpose of this book is to serve as a comprehensive review of the material for the Physician Assistant National Certification Exam (PANCE), it’s also a great tool for physician assistant students to understand commonly encountered diseases while on rotations during the clinical year, and as an adjunctive study guide during the didactic year." 
Needless to say, PPP = the Bible for any PA student

Recently, I posted a photo of my new and improved version of Pance Prep that many of my Instagram followers requested instructions on how to create one of their own! So, here it is friends:

1. Take your book to Staples or FedEx (I went to Staples)
2. Ask for your book to be bound with a spiral binding, a laminated cover, and laminated tabs for each subject
3. The employee will likely look at you like you have three heads (at least in my experience) and then write out the tabs in your own form of short-hand as some of the subject topics will be too long for a single tab
            Ex: Chapter 6: The Reproductive, Obsetrics and Gynecology -- I tabbed as "Repro, OB/GYN"
4. You'll likely have to wait about ~3 days for the tabbing to be ready & to come back and pickup (so plan to get this done on a week you won't need your book as frequently.
The total expense the binding and tabbing cost for me was about $12! SO WORTH IT for those of you who you are just as OCD as I am. Highly recommend making this adjustment after purchasing the book! 

This weekend 4/6/18-4/10/18 the author of Pance Prep Pearls, Dwayne Williams and I will be hosting an giveaway to 2 lucky winners + a Starbucks giftcard so you can get your own organized PPP book, too!
If you don't win or maybe if you read this post too late- here's the link to get yours!


Many of you may be familiar Instagram handle JORD watches, a wooden watch company that has quite the following on social media-but maybe you never actually considered in purchasing your own. So, I agreed to participate in a non-biased review & collaborated with them in hosting a giveaway from my Instagram account. Here’s what I found out…
It’s not every day you can pair accessories with both scrubs AND professional attire, but after sporting my JORD watch in both settings I realized it went perfectly to dress up and down.
This wooden watch ties together the look with the natural wooden tones & contrasted metallic dial accent. Quite honestly, when I received my JORD watch the quality took me completely by surprise! Although I’ve never owned a wooden watch (wasn’t completely convinced when I was contacted to review the product BUT I was pleasantly surprised!) this piece adds the attributes many may feel they are lacking when wearing their scrub sets in the health care setting.
I’m personally very satisfied with the watch I selected from their gallery, featured on my site is The Hyde, it’s one of JORD’s new products on their Fall Line!
The material & finish included in the watch picture below is 100% natural, hand finished woods (not to mention this bad boy is splash-proof!), Citizen Miyota quartz & a metallic dial with sapphire crystal glass.
Tonight is your LAST CHANCE to enter this GIVEAWAY to win $100 toward your own JORD watch so you can also add this to your daily attire! Don’t forget each entry will get a $25

Needless to say, I would recommend JORD wood watches. This functional and sustainable addition comes with a 12 month JORD warranty, which was also an unexpected bonus in my experience with the company! 


FIGS 2016

FIGS are a perfect go-to when wanting to feel like you never left the comfort of your pajamas. Not only are these scrubs EXTREMELY soft, but they're wrinkle free too!
When I received my first pair I had no idea just how great the quality of these scrubs actually are, Figs are one of my favorite scrub sets in my closet!

The scrub set featured below is the Casma top and the Yola Skinny bottoms in the color Ceil Blue.
(PS. This top has three pockets, a hidden inside pocket to keep your belongings extra close)